Free American Accent Training

Companies and customers in the United States will judge non-native American speakers on their accents. U.S. based companies are more likely to do business with people based on their ability to sound like an American. The more one sounds like an American, the more likely one will be hired. Success working for a U.S.-based company will depend partly on how well a candidate sounds American.

New Horizons Nigeria will be conducting FREE American Accent Training. The training is self-paced. It’s important to not only watch the training videos but also practice the speaking exercises every day. In addition, watching American TV shows & American News shows are recommended. Don’t just watch the shows, try to imitate the people. Try to mimic their speech as closely as possible. When speaking with Americans, try to sound as much like them as you can.

The American Accent Training will cover the following:

  • American Accent Basics
  • American English Pronunciation
  • American Accent Training for IT